Upcoming Blogs – A Warning

This page will be routinely updated as and when I have new ideas, but definitely before I am close to finishing them.

  1. Living in the generation gap – My parents are far my senior, in fact they are senior to all my friends parents too. Growing up this provided me with a unique and very different parental experience to that of my peers, and has largely contributed to who I am today
  2. The Art of Public Transport – This is a subject close to my heart. As a frequenter of many forms of public transport in a busy city, I have developed a keen eye for certain people to avoid and other helpful tips/tricks to ease your journey.
  3. Livin La Vida Loner – as mentioned in my bio, I am single, but this was not always the case, I went through a big messy relationship and an even messier breakup, one year on I want to share my experience and how to fall back in love with yourself after you have fallen out of love with someone else.

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