An Introduction

Hi potential readers,

I just wanted to personalise this pre-made feature thing (I can’t stand looking at stock posts) and sort of give an intro into what I’m doing on here, so I guess this is going to act as my first blog post.

Essentially, the title of my site sums it up. I am completely new to blogging. Never ventured into it before, barely considered it before 12:39 today. Nothing.

But, here we are, and I’m still not entirely sure why.

I think I’m going to use the platform for lifestyle blogging purposes/everyday thought venting and see what happens. It would be kind of cool to have somewhere to explore some of the passing thoughts I have, and see if people agree.

Maybe this blog is just an extension of my ego, but maybe it will prove to be a place to share ways of thinking/ways of living and open up some discussions. Maybe it won’t be half as profound as that. Or, maybe I’ll get bored in a month and it will end there.

Hopefully I will write some things that interest people and challenge me.

First instalment to be added soon. (or second, depending on what I just wrote can be categorised as.)



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